re.produkt 09 // KNOCKOUTDESIGN from KNOCKOUTDESIGN on Vimeo.

re.transmission of re.product
re.transmission of the re.product exhibition is a project presenting a part of the re.product exhibition during LODZ DESIGN FESTIVAL 2009 in LODZ, which took place in SPOT. between 17 and 25 October 2009. The form of both projects is based on the 3R concept, which means re-use, re-duce and re-cycle.

The increase in consumption and production of new products which can be observed since the industrial revolution unceasingly disturbs and destroys the natural and social balance. It has negative impact not only on the environment but also on people's health. A designer has a significant influence on this process as s/he can shape new consumer attitudes by designing products which are both aesthetic and functional. Therefore, a consumer can more and more often choose between these solutions which have a negative effect on the environment and those which help to restore and maintain its natural balance. The aim of the exhibition is to present possible design solutions which show attempts to make products environment-friendly.

Client | SPOT. Foundation
Year | 2009